11 - Marcus Gordon

Team Details

  TEAM NAME:                           Marcus Gordon
  CAR No:                                   11
  CREW:                                       My Dad, Wife and any friends who can help
  SPONSORS:                               Monza Motors, Alfpa Repairs, MG Multimedia (me)


    Car Details

  MAKE: Alfa Romeo GTV
  DRIVETRAIN LAYOUT:                          Front engine with rear mounted transaxle
  CHASSIS:                                                STD Road car chassis with welded roll cage
  WEIGHT:                                                 850Kg
  WHEELBASE: 2413mm
  ENGINE:                    Alfa 75 Twin Spark
  CAPACITY:           1968cc
  ENGINE BUILDER/TUNER:   Alfpa Repairs, Speed Works
  TRANSMISSIOM:                                   Alfa 5 speed
  CLUTCH:                           Standard
  SUSPENSION:                                       Front: Torsion bar
Rear: De Dion Watts linkage
  BRAKES:                                                 Front: Nissan Patrol rotors with Mazda Rx7 front caliper Rear: Alfa GTV6 fronts at the rear outboard 
Dunlop slicks                        

Driver Details

  NAME:                                                    Marcus Gordon
FIRST RACE:                                          2001 Marque Sports State Series. 1998 Club Sprints
  GOALS:                                                   Win under 2 litres then F1
  OTHER INTERESTS:                               Photography, Wine, Mountain bike riding, Audiovisual stuff
  BEST ASPECT OF RACING UNDER 2 LITRES     Good bunch of guys and kind of cheap  
  ACHIEVEMENTS:                                   Running 2nd in 6 hour enduro for 4 hours until half shaft broke.
Winning standard class at Winton in Alfa sprints.
Building 90% of my race car by myself. 

  Lap Times