What is a 2 Litre Sports Sedan?
The 2 litre and sports sedan series is a CAMS affiliated car club and has been a racing series since 1992. The class is open to all cars complying with the CAMS sports sedan regulations, with the added restriction that all cars must be under 2 litres in capacity.

What cars are suitable?
If you have a car that has a roof or a hardtop, and has an engine of less than 2 litres then your car qualifies as a 2 Litre Sports Sedan. Some cars are highly modified space frame based cars like the one on the left, but most are hotted up road cars like the one on the right, but all are under 2 litres, helping keep costs down.
Some of the 2 litre and under cars raced over the years includes Gemini’s, Escorts, Datsun 1000, 1200, 1600, celicas, Minis, Alfas, Fiats, Stanzas, Corollas, Peugeot’s, Lasers, RX3’s RX7’s, Integra’s, 3 series BMW’s, MR2’s, CRX’s, Cortinas, and many many more.

Which engine can I use?
When choosing an engine, you can use any production engine that is under 2 litres in capacity. So Nissan SR20 engine’s are in, as are the Honda S2000 engines. You can even swap manufacturers, so you can put a Ford Cosworth engine in a Datsun 1600 if you like. You can use rotary engines, if they end up with a total capacity of less than 2 litres (10a or narrow housing 12a). You can also use turbo charged engines, but if they are more than 1170cc, you have a heavier minimum weight, and must use a 36mm restrictor.

Can I modify the car?
Sports sedans allow the most flexibility in car modifications of any racing class in Australia, if it is safe, then you can most probably do it!

Get Involved
The 2 litre sport sedans series is always looking to help new members get to their first race meeting, and once there, get the most out of it. Feel free to ask for help if you need it, amongst club members, we have available to loan race suits, helmets, and a selection of other equipment to help you get to your first race meeting with us and try the racing out. For more details on loan equipment, call any of the committee members and they will be happy to help you out.

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