The Club
The 2 litre Sports Sedan Club is a CAMS affiliated car club incorporated in 1992. The club was formed to enable members to race Sport Sedans up to 2 Litres in capacity that comply with the CAMS 3D Sports Sedan regulations. restriction that all cars must be under 2 litres in capacity.

What is a 2 Litre Sports Sedan?
If you have a sedan, coupe or hatchback production closed car that has an engine of less than 2 litres then your car qualifies as a 2 Litre Sports Sedan.
Some cars have custom built space frame chassis with a fibreglass silhouette body, but most are highly modified cars that retain the original floor pan, but all are under 2 litres in capacity.
The 2 litre engine capacity enables the same refinement of open Sports Sedans  but with vastly reduced running costs.

Which engine can I use?
When choosing an engine, you can use any production engine that is under 2 litres in capacity. You can swap manufacturers, so you can put a Ford Cosworth engine in a Nissan, if you like.
You can also use turbo charged engines, but a 1.7 multiplier factor is applied so a forced induction is applied , limiting capacity to 1176cc. Larger forced induction engines (up to 2000cc) have a heavier minimum weight and must use a 36mm restrictor.

Get Involved
The 2 litre Sport Sedans Club is always looking to help new members get to their first race meeting, and once there, get the most out of it.
Feel free to ask for help if you need it, contact any of the committee members and they will be happy to help you out.

The Committee

The Club Perpetual Trophy

The club acknowledges the generous donation of Bob and Lee Uhlhorn from R & M Uhlhorn Pty Ltd
which enabled the restoration and updating of the perpetual trophy.